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Digitally connecting your school while building — the infrastructural lens

In this workshop we will look at the various ways that ultrafast broadband and cloud hosted services can be utilised by schools to produce lean, reliable and cost effective platforms to support teaching and learning.

This session, is designed for principals and lead teachers, and we hope it will be particularly helpful for those who need to maintain access to ICT services while negotiating full or partial rebuilds.

We will be looking for input from attendees around the devices and services they wish to be using, the ways they work and the issues they face. By the end of the workshop participants should:

  • Have a big picture understanding of how cloud based services can work together
  • Understand what services they may still need to run locally and which they can allow someone else to provide for them
  • Be better placed to discuss infrastructure requirements with architects and property teams
  • Understand how migrating services to the cloud can assist your school cope with the disruptions associated with a full or partial rebuild

Have some resources that they can use as the basis for discussions with technicians and suppliers when planning or approving expenditure.


30 Mar 2016

CORE Education, 142–144 Kilmore Street, Christchurch

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