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Community for Connecting and Collaborating

This session is for all members of the current Community of Practice. To learn more about what sorts of experiences teachers shared, read below.

In Brief 

This unique opportunity provides participating primary teachers with first hand experience observing and work alongside teachers in collaborative learning environments with ongoing mentoring to inquire into their own practice and explore new ways of working in their own school environments. If you’re keen to explore the benefits of working collaboratively read on.

Programme Overview During term 2 and 3

Participants will be supported to observe and learn beside teachers in host schools explore and prototype collaborative learning and teaching models in their own school environment.

Participating teachers will work with coaches from host schools exploring collaborative teaching and learning models follow an inquiry process to explore opportunities for prototyping and implementing innovative pedagogies as a foundation for future practice.

Access facilitated first hand experience in the areas of:

  • Leadership in Innovative
  • Learning Practice
  • Collaborative teaching practices and assessment
  • Collaboration with and between learners
  • BYOD or using digital technologies to support collaborative practices
  • Experience in-school tours of host schools, sharing and discussing practice
  • Participate in a professional learning group, supported by a shared virtual space for discussions, questions, resources, reflections, links (access to this will continue to be in place once the programme of school visits has come to an end).

To ensure each participant has access to individual and group mentoring, there are limited spaces in this programme. We recommend more than one person per school with a maximum of three.

This pilot programme is for primary and intermediate teachers in the greater Christchurch region who are exploring collaborative teaching / learning models. Host school teachers are experienced in flexible learning environments, prototyping, collaborative learning and assessment, cooperative teaching models and engaging community in understanding the benefits of collaborative methodologies.

For more detailed information contact:
Angela Vermeulen
Annie Pierre


15 Sep 2016

CORE Education, 142–144 Kilmour Street, Christchurch