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Business Meets Education

This Meet Up explores how business and education are part of the same changes and can learn from one another. We will have the opportunity to connect with different perspectives and partnerships and consider how businesses are also transitioning into different spaces and ways of thinking.

We will be hosted in the new Vodafone building in Christchurch’s Innovation Precinct. Our hosts, the Vodafone team, will share a little of their aspirations and ideas connecting space and place with the changing needs of business.

Paul and Aimee Sibson will share their transition from the world of school to being one of only 10 New Zealand companies to be selected  to join Vodafone xone, a start up accelerator and innovation programme. This programme provides access to state of the art technology, world class mentorship, funding and networking opportunities. Paul was previously principal at Fendalton Open-air School and Aimee was a teacher at St Margaret’s College, so they have some great reflections on change and school/business partnerships.

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16 Feb 2017

Vodafone Xone, 213/221 Tuam St, Christchurch, Christchurch

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