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Involving Community

How do schools create authentic and culturally diverse learning opportunities? How do schools currently partner with their community? How can you as community members plan to partner with your local school(s) in the coming school year?  Please come along and share your ideas… Let’s create a community of educators!

“Leveraging community resources and local partnerships supports high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities by broadening the experiences that may be typically offered to students and by expanding access to local expertise. Better aligning and utilizing these resources can also help school systems identify and access low-cost services or facilities to support learning opportunities on and off school sites. Pulling in local resources such as health and human services agencies, departments of public safety and parks and recreation, community colleges, businesses, community-based organizations, and other entities, can effectively maximize opportunities for students and school systems.”

4:00pm - 6:00pm

25 May 2017

Hornby High School, 180 Waterloo Road, Christchurch

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