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School Tours - Beckenham School

The Ministry of Education are pleased to offer another set of wonderful schools for the term one and term two school tours. 

Grow Waitaha are keen to offer an extra layer to these some of these visits through facilitated support. What does this support look like?

A Grow Waitaha facilitator will join the tour and offer an additional 60 minute hui to support learning focused conversations on

  • Key ideas / strategies did you see today?
  • New thinking / questions do you have now as a result of what you have seen / heard today?
  • What might you do as a result of today? Why?
  • Strategies for supporting taking new thinking back into own school contexts
  • Link to key resources that build on ideas shared during the tour. And more!

This facilitated debrief will be on the school site directly after the tour hosted by the school personnel. You have a choice on how you might register.

  • If you are keen on the extra layer of support with a Grow Waitaha facilitator, please email Angela Vermeulen from Grow Waitaha directly. Your choice of dates include:
    • Wednesday 23rd May, Week 2, Term Two
    • Wednesday 20th June, Week 6, Term Two
  • If you would like to tour hosted only by the school team, please email Your choice of dates include:
    • Wednesday 6th June, Week 6, Term Two
    • Wednesday 4th July, Week 10, Term Two

To view all 2018 Term 1 and 2 School Tour dates, click here


03 Jul 2018

Beckenham School, 71 Sandwich Rd, Christchurch