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ChCh- A City of Opportunity for Young People

Our first meetup of the year focuses on the opportunities available for young people of all ages to learn in authentic ways in the city. There will be a number of people sharing some of the special ways in which the city brings about opportunities for young people of all ages. 

  • Did you know that Tracey Mills has been working as a wrangler for CCC, exploring and collating the many opportunities for young people? She was blown away by what she found.
  • In 2017, Gapfiller supported primary school students to create a roller skating event for the central city. It was also involved in supporting some secondary students to code new games for the outdoor games feature on the outside of the Vodafone building. Have you played these games? Sally Airey will tell you more. 

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01 Mar 2018

Biz Dojo Co-working space, Poplar Street, Christchurch

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