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Leadership Incubator

The Leadership incubator is an intensive strategic development programme designed to support schools and KÄhui Ako to lead change. This Leadership Incubator intends to build on the success and momentum of the Secondary Incubator implemented across 16 secondary schools in 2017. Feedback from these participants include:

  • "By doing this inquiry, I have been more explicit about the practices and principles that do (and do not) work for effective collaboration in my teams."
  • "This has been invaluable in terms of my leadership and advocacy regarding change."
  • "Opportunity to see and hear what is happening in other schools as well as sessions on change management has stimulated my own thinking in regards to the possibilities. Recognition that regardless of whether buildings are involved or not, most schools are in a process of change."

The 2018 Incubator is open to senior and middle leaders in Primary and Secondary schools and/or KÄhui Ako lead principals, cross school and in-school leadership/teaching roles. Using a process of collaborative inquiry, a team of 4-5 senior and middle leaders from each school and/or KÄhui Ako will select a specific area of focus and through participation in the incubator will develop and implement a plan of action.

The incubator involves four hui (1/2 or 1 day) and 3 mentoring sessions in each school.

Dates are:

  • March 26th (1/2 day),
  • June 12th, (1 day),
  • August 30th (1/2 day)
  • November 13th (1 day).

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26 Mar 2018

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