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Innovative Learning Environments

Harnessing diverse views to build confidence and improve practice  

In practice, all learning environments come with their fair share of opportunities and restrictions – and ILEs are no exception. But given the recent hue and cry, how might school leaders hear and harness diverse views on ILE to improve the experience of all learners, while at the same time building the school community's confidence? 

This workshop offers open, practical and positive methods for engaging, hearing and summarising school community feedback on ILE, and then harnessing this feedback to come up with ideas for improving teaching and learning practices and environments. In embracing this process, we will also explore the opportunities for communicating outcomes in order to inform, reassure and invite further conversation.

You'll come away with strategies and ideas for:

  • Engaging staff, board and community who have different levels of understanding and experience of ILE
  • Leading constructive and positive conversations about ILE that result in productive, participative problem-solving
  • Placing the voices of learners at the centre of these conversations
  • Equipping staff and board members to confidently address concerns and build community confidence
  • Growing community confidence by sharing these stories and building advocacy.

Note: this workshop is well suited to people with different levels of experience and confidence in ILE.

1.00pm - 4.00pm

08 Nov 2018

CORE Education, 144 Kilmore Street, RouRou seminar room

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