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Effective change leadership for teachers, principals & BoT

Leading successful change initiatives within schools

Grow Waitaha has recently released a set of three guides that focus on supporting schools to lead and sustain successful change initiatives. Many schools in Aotearoa are undergoing significant change as their teaching and learning programmes evolve to meet the needs of current and future learners. Within greater Christchurch, this change has been accelerated by the rebuilding, redevelopment and repair of our schools.

These guides are based on both theoretical and practical elements of change. In addition to a user-friendly overview of relevant academic literature, the guides combine insights from interviews and focus groups with greater Christchurch board members, principals, teachers and students. While each guide is written for a different audience, the general findings are applicable regardless of your role within an early learning service or school.

In this forum, the author of the guides, Dr Gabrielle Wall, and co-author of the ‘Leading Change’ guide, Dr Chris Jansen, will give an overview of each of the guides, and will discuss aspects of the guides in more depth. The forum is suitable for both those who have already read the guides, and those who still have them on their ‘to do’ list.


If you wish to take a look in advance, the guides can be found here:

Adaptive Governance: Steering the waka through uncharted waters

This guide supports boards of trustees to provide strategic leadership for their schools to manage significant and ongoing change. The majority of previous studies of governance during times of change assume that the nature of the change resembles that of a crisis – unexpected, reactive and unwanted. To the contrary, many of our schools today are undergoing periods of proactive change. This guide discusses how boards can provide effective strategic leadership as schools undergo their proactive change journey, even when the end destination is still unknown!

Leading Sustainable Change within Schools: Advice from Textbooks and Trenches in post-quake Canterbury

This guide provides insights from leaders of Greater Christchurch schools who have successfully led initiatives in response to significant change in post-quake Christchurch. These insights are cross referenced with change management literature under the following four themes: before implementing change, addressing resistance, implementing change and sustaining change.

A summary of ’10 tips for leading sustainable change’ is included which includes key aspects relating to creating a positive culture of change including fostering a sense of urgency, empowering a broad range of individuals and thereby prioritising ownership of a shared vison. Flexibility, reflection and ongoing learning and sense-making is also included in this comprehensive guide.

Kua takoto te mānuka: Growing culturally responsive practice in Innovative Learning Environments

Changes in teaching and learning practice include an ongoing shift towards spaces and systems that support and encourage collaborative teaching. Innovative learning environments can provide a culturally rich learning atmosphere due to both physical design and the flexibility to configure spaces to support a range of culturally responsive pedagogies.

However, realising a learning space’s full potential to support a culturally responsive teaching and learning environment is an ongoing journey for many teachers and schools. This guide discusses how to create environments where students experience success as culturally-located individuals, and where identity, language and culture are recognised, valued and reflected both in the physical aspects of the learning space, and in all teaching and learning that occurs within the space.

4.00pm - 6.00pm

04 Sep 2018

Ministry of Education, 48 Hereford Street, Ground floor conference room

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