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2019 South Road Show

What’s happening?
Over 2019, the Grow Waitaha roadshows will be visiting North, South, East and West Canterbury.

The purpose of the Grow Waitaha roadshow is simple – teachers supporting teachers in meaningful and practical ways.

Join the roadshows to:

  • hear what learners in each host school think about learning
  • engage in practical and hands on strategies you can adapt
  • have the time to explore and learn with other passionate teachers.

Everything we do on this roadshow will follow one simple guide – the learners are at the centre of change.

Who is the event for?
The roadshow is for leaders and teachers across Canterbury who want to begin their journey towards transforming teaching and learning at their place. You can ensure that all staff are involved by:

  • building it into PLD for the year
  • making it a full staff meeting every term
  • making it a team meeting once a term
  • making it part of the teaching as inquiry new learning lens building it into your school's professional learning goals.

Workshops offered at each roadshow this year:

Let's make learning Flexible:
How can you increase student achievement through rich tasks?
Come and investigate what flexible groupings can look like through the context of maths.  At this hands on workshop you will take away a kete of readings, ideas and solutions to inspire you on your way.

Let’s make learning agentic:
How can you increase your children’s ownership and responsibility for their learning? Come along and explore ways to promote choice, voice, decision making and engagement in your classroom programme in order to empower children.

Let's make learning visible:
How do you utilise technology to create partnerships across your learning community? What tips and tricks make the difference?
Come and explore practical ways to link teachers, students, family and community with a focus on using technological platforms that promote visible learning opportunities and success.

School led workshop:
At each roadshow the hosting school will lead a hands on practical workshop. Details about each of these workshops will be sent to people who register prior to each roadshow event.  

Calendar details:

Term 3

  • 15 August – Ararira Springs School
  • 5 September - West Melton School

3.45pm - 5.00pm

15 Aug 2019

Ararira Springs School, Russ Dr, Lincoln 7672

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