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POSTPONED: Ao Tawhīti School Visit

Focused on enabling learners to be in the driver’s seat: Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery

The school's philosophy is to promote student-centred learning and to give young people a say over their education, no matter their age. Therefore, it can be expected that Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery’s new learning spaces should support the this and the ‘diverse and flexible individual learning pathways’ they promote. The school’s fabulous new build is intended to be a place where students can develop their ability to identify what they want to do, know how to access the learning opportunities themselves, achieve the results they want and do it with confidence. The cool thing is that when students are enabled to do this, teachers and parents don’t have to make the key decisions for them.

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery’s aspirations – where are we at, and where are we going?

What’s happening?

Come along and hear about the Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery aspirations - where they are at and where to next. Their new innovative learning space, opened at the beginning of Term 2 this year - beginning the next leg in the school’s journey, with an unrelenting focus on responding to students' learning needs in a way that enables them to achieve the results they want, with confidence.

There will be an opportunity for a tour of the new learning space, so you can see it in action. You will be able to talk to students, teachers and parents, within the innovative learning environment and hear from them about what is working and why.


During this time of rebuilding, schools in Christchurch are grappling with what works and what does not, so this is a chance to share thinking, observe ILEs in action and clarify where to next.

Who is the event for?

This forum is for all Canterbury teachers and leaders interested in developing their curriculum to enable flexible learning within a new ILE/FLE, because they are grappling with it currently or are about to, at their school.

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19 Sep 2019

5 Mollett St, Christchurch Central