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Roadshow Innovative Literacy in Action

The 2020 Roadshows focus on learners at the centre of change.

Come along to hear:

  • How a school is effectively using innovative practice and what this looks like across the school
  • Practical tips and strategies for engaging all learners

The roadshow format will be similar to past years:

  • Held after school
  • Meet and greet with kai
  • Interactive workshops based on themes and/or year levels
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate

Our Term 4 will be hosted by Swannanoa School

Do you teach reading according to ability and level? Do you want to learn about the benefits of flexible groupings in literacy?

At Swannanoa School they anchor all their learning back to their Ō Tātou Taonga, using this as a platform, they are able to offer an innovative and responsive curriculum. Ākonga are taught using flexible groups in literacy with a focus on diminishing labels, closing the disparity between our highest and lowest achievers and making success for all learners salient. 

Teachers from years 0-8 will offer practical strategies, systems and resources to help you on your journey with flexible groupings in literacy. We look forward to provoking new ideas and thinking through our interactive workshops. 


3.45pm - 5.00pm

26 Nov 2020

Swannanoa School, Tram Road, Rangiora

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