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Roadshow - Paparoa Street Connected Curriculum

Face to Face registrations have closed but we are accepting registrations for our online zoom session which will run at the same time

Registrations will close on Wednesday 9 September at 5pm

In 2019, Paparoa Street School decided to "Think Like Scientists'! Their whole year consisted of connected learning experiences that developed the Science Capabilities and integrated learning areas. Come along to this roadshow to find out how:

  • excitement and engagement was activated with students
  • learning partnerships with the community and experts were strengthened
  • learning wasn't limited to age and stage - with vertical teams working collaboratively
  • connections with mana whenua and local curriculum were enhanced
  • progress against the science capabilities was assessed and evaluated
  • students were able to "inspire and impact" with their learning - making a real difference in authentic contexts
  • Teachers from across the school will share their experiences. They'll share possibilities for authentic learning and local curriculum as well as the key lessons they learned as part of this journey. They'll also touch on their next learning steps and share what they're working on in 2020.

3.45pm - 5.00pm

10 Sep 2020

Paparoa Street School, 120 Paparoa Street, Papanui, Christchurch 8053

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