0. Key documents and resources

Key documents and resources to guide you.

5 resources

1. Vision

Create a collective view of what your school strives for.

13 resources

2. Perspectives and partnerships

Ensure that all voices are heard.

14 resources

3. Leadership of change

Realise the importance of the change management process.

19 resources

4. Collaborative approach to teaching and learning

Design and use collaborative processes.

24 resources

5. Authentic student engagement throughout the rebuild

Involve students in varied and inclusive ways.

10 resources

6. Cultural intelligence and Ngāi Tahutanga

Engage with rūnanga and Māori whānau.

13 resources

7. Authentic curriculum

Develop a curriculum which meets your vision.

13 resources

8. Space and resources

Consider flexible and varied uses of space.

13 resources

9. Monitoring impact on well-being and learning

Monitor the impact of change to inform next steps.

12 resources