About us

Grow Waitaha, initiated by the Ministry of Education, is a partnership between the Ministry, iwi, four providers, schools and their communities.

Many schools in Canterbury are being rebuilt — completely or partially — following the earthquakes. Rather than rebuilding those schools as they were, we are constructing innovative physical environments that enable future-focused education for all learners and their communities.

Building new learning environments means developing new ways of working in those environments. Grow Waitaha supports schools through this process of change.

Grow Waitaha enables schools to lead from within to achieve their vision for education. We are practising the changes in education that we expect to see for students — connectivity, collaboration, cultural responsiveness and working in new ways.

The four providers for Grow Waitaha are: CORE Education; Evaluation Associates, Leadership Lab; and Massey University.

Mātauraka Mahaanui Advisory Board is mandated by Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu to speak on its behalf in relation to the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme. Productive partnerships are important in Grow Waitaha representing the collective Mana Whenua, Papatipu Rūnanga, Maata Waka and Māori communities.

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Our purpose

Grow Waitaha is a programme that supports schools and learners through the process of change happening in Canterbury.

How does Grow Waitaha work?

Schools within the build programme work with a navigator to help them articulate a future focused vision for education that reflects their learners and communities.

As schools progress through the build phases – from brief, to masterplan, to the build, and to inhabitation – the navigator assists them to:

  • identify their particular goals and development needs
  • co-create a plan to achieve them
  • connect and share with others.

Development opportunities and resources such as forums, workshops, mentoring, hui, prototyping sessions, and partnerships are offered to address common needs across schools.

Schools outside the build programme can access these opportunities but the first priority will be those who have identified their needs with a navigator.

Who can engage with Grow Waitaha and when?

The build programme is organised in waves. Schools enter the programme over a seven year period, either in February or July.

Wave 1A began in February 2014; wave 7B will commence in July 2020. To find out when your school is due to start, speak to your local Ministry Senior Advisor.