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Amplifying ākonga voice - year 9 technology students’ experience of transitioning to secondary school

In 2021–2022, a community of passionate kaiako dedicated to teaching technology in years 7–8 embarked on a journey of transformational change with Neville Myers and Catherine Frost. This community represents an impressive 6,500 ākonga, all eager to explore the world of technology. 

In 2023, the focus is on expanding that community to kaiako who teach year 9 technology. Due to extensive networking by Neville Myers and Christine Mossop, connections between technology centres and secondary schools are starting to bubble. 

Our learning experiences in technology

Listen to the voices of year 9 ākonga

What ākonga love about technology

But…ākonga had things for kaiako to ponder

What to do about that ‘but…’

Bridging the gap

This is what I want you to know about me

Now what?

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