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Grow Waitaha – Collaborative teaching and learning


Collaborative teaching and learning is when several teachers work together and share responsibility for a group of learners. This approach has been introduced in a large number of New Zealand schools over the past several years and is also known as co–teaching. The benefits of this approach are supported by a growing base of research.

This group of videos features students and teachers from Canterbury schools sharing their experiences of collaborative teaching and learning. They discuss their first steps with co-teaching and how to work together to keep learners at the centre. Key benefits and impacts of this approach are identified and students share their thoughts about learning from more than one teacher.

Setting up for effective collaborative practice

"It really doesn't matter how modern your furniture is, it doesn't matter what your space looks like. What really matters is the relationships you have with your co-teachers and the relationships you have with your children."

Establishing co-teaching relationships

"One of the most important things about collaboration is relationships. If you don't get your relationships right, collaboration will fall over." 

The impact of collaborative teaching and learning

"We have got far higher levels of student engagement, our kids are really happy to come to school. They're excited. They are also developing a lot of new skills and we've seen a big improvement in results in terms of their formal learning."

The benefits of collaborative teaching and learning

"Co-teaching can have a major impact on the quality of teaching and education because we can be far more effective in a learning team."


What benefits does collaborative teaching and learning practice provide for your learners? For teachers?

How do you know what the impact of collaborative teaching and learning is on your students? 

How does your school provide support, time and resources for effective collaboration? 


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