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Grow Waitaha roadshows – Collaborative design

Grow Waitaha develops many initiatives to support education renewal in Christchurch. The aim is to be responsive to the current and emerging needs of the education sector. This story outlines how Grow Waitaha facilitators and educators collaboratively designed a series of professional learning events to support the needs of the primary education sector during 2018.

Establishing a design team

Working together

Co-constructing the roadshows

Student conversation

Impact and feedback

Design team reflections

What next?

Grow Waitaha – Authentic learning: Student conversation toolkit

Authentic learning toolkit

Use the following resources as a guide to gain students' perspectives about learning. These ideas may support you to create authentic learning experiences.

Using the resources, students can explore:

  • what learning means for them
  • aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum
  • the idea of future focused learning.

Facilitation guide: A suggested step by step process to help facilitate a conversation with students about their learning.

Conversation script: Prompts to support leading a learning conversation with students.

Image pack: Images to prompt discussion about different types of learning.

Curriculum cards: Short descriptions of the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas and key competencies in child friendly language.

Share your students’ thinking about learning

Select this link (Google form) to help us know what your students think about learning. Grow Waitaha will email you a #growreallearning badge to celebrate your participation in the #growreallearning conversation. Quotes from your students might feature in our social media spaces.


Grow Waitaha would like to thank the members of the design team who were involved in the Roadshow collaboration during 2018.

Pene Abbie (Paparoa Street School), Linda Baran (Clarkville School), Rachael Hefferman (Wigram Primary), Marc Gibson (Wigram Primary), Kerry Hall (Cashmere Primary), Cam Gordon (Emmanuel Christian School), Helen Williamson (Emmanuel Christian School), Nicole Cunningham (Rāwhiti School), Bridie Gray (Swannanoa School)