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Grow Waitaha Secondary Community of Practice – Wellbeing


The Grow Waitaha Secondary Community of Practice (CoP) focuses on wellbeing for ākonga and kaiako. In 2018 this CoP included all secondary schools in Christchurch.

The following two videos feature educators, facilitators from Mātauraka Mahaanui and Grow Waitaha, and Dr Lucy Hone (New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience). They  discuss the importance of wellbeing and the journey to support its growth in schools.  

A city-wide collaboration

"I think the work that Grow Waitaha is doing is extraordinary with the wellbeing work. It first began last year with all 33 secondary kura in Christchurch, whether they were integrated, independent or state, together in one room. That to me signals an appetite for change."

Robin Sutton, Principal.

Wellbeing, cultural responsiveness and collaboration

"My hopes are that  Ngāi Tahu learners, that Māori learners have equitable opportunities and improved wellbeing through affirmation of their whakapapa connection to whenua and a positive cultural identity."

Janina Konia, Kaiārahi, Mātauraka Mahaanui.


Why is staff and student wellbeing so important?

How can you improve student, staff and your own wellbeing?

What resources, including people, can you use or tap into to improve wellbeing across your educational setting? 

What shared goals and targets does your educational setting have that emphasise wellbeing? 

What data do you have or need to collect to inform wellbeing goals and targets?

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