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Hagley Community College – Developing a student-centred junior curriculum

Hagley Community College provides a broad curriculum and a range of innovative learning programmes for both school-aged and adult students. Its designated character means that students are required to engage in Hagley’s culture and environment by being flexible and adaptable. The school’s latest ERO report recognised its “innovative and creative curriculum”, and noted that it provides opportunities that “stimulate interest, promote engagement, and motivate students to achieve success.”

When Year 9 and 10 students enrol, a learning programme is developed by the school, the students, and caregivers with a set of learning goals that meets the students’ needs and supports them to pursue their interests. The absence of a school uniform and the multiple learning pathways are tangible indicators of the school’s focus on students as individuals.

The school has recently begun a review of its junior curriculum, with some changes implemented this year, and further review to be undertaken.

“We know we’ve been a school that’s been at the forefront of innovation in some areas, but we know we can do better and do more.” 

(Marie Stribling, Deputy Principal: Student Learning)

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