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Kaiapoi High School – An organic approach to collaborative learning

As it entered a rebuild and redevelopment process post-quake, Kaiapoi High School focused on the key question “What does teaching and learning look like in a new environment for us?” It was of primary importance that the new learning spaces should support modern pedagogies, but it was also essential that the facilities met the needs of the staff who would teach in them. 

School leaders also believed it was important that the design be able to meet the needs of future students, both those currently in feeder primary schools, and those who would attend in decades to come. Bruce Kearney, the principal, and Jo Collins, the Leader of Learning on collaboration, spoke about their journey through this process.

Continuation of learning

Challenge One – A problematic prototype

Challenge Two – The timetable

Challenge Three – The change process

Collaborative teaching with a 'both/and' mindset

Top tips

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