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Puketeraki Kāhui Ako – Collaboration in action


Puketeraki Kāhui Ako is a community of learning comprised of nine early childhood centres, 16 primary schools, and one high school. It represents over 6000 students.

This video series features the Lead Principal, Across Schools Teachers, and Within School Teachers sharing successful ways they have built relationships, collaborated, and developed systems to support the development of their Kāhui Ako.

Establishment and leadership   

“It’s a collective, cohesive group and it’s built around the idea of communicating, collaborating to create, with the idea that at the end point we’re creating something that couldn’t have existed without us working together.”

David Taylor, Lead Principal

Culturally responsive practice 

By the end of the year we have children who are feeling very safe about talking about themselves and where they are from. Their heritage, and also using te reo as a norm.”

Nicola Ritchie, Within Schools Teacher

The strength of collaboration

We share a common focus and we’ve always been driven by that focus. And as a result, we’ve managed to utilise one another’s strengths,recognise the strength in others and also our own leadership skills.”

Mark Abraham, Across Schools Teacher

The power of robust inquiry

The driver was the spiral inquiry for us and what that taught me to do personally was to actually step back. I’d been used to going - here’s an action - let’s put that action into place and see what happens and instead we looked at student voice, whānau voice, teacher voice. Let’s look at the data that’s there. Let's look at research.”

Peter Courtney, Across Schools Teacher

Using evidence to inform change

“What excited me was the opportunity to be able to gather evidence from such a wide range of sources across the Kāhui Ako. There are some fantastic things going on.”

Sue James, Across Schools Teacher

Mentoring to build leadership capability

The meetings that we have in Within School Teacher meetings are really beneficial for everyone – to sit together with our across school teachers and have a big korero about what is happening across our schools, it’s really valuable. It’s win-win for everyone.”

Nicola Ritchie, Within School Teacher


What did you find interesting about the way the Kāhui Ako became established? Are there any helpful tips for your Kāhui Ako?

What ways are your Across Schools Teachers and Within School Teachers working together?

How are you developing a culture of collaboration and collaborative inquiry?

What role does mentoring play in the professional development of your teachers?

How do you model culturally responsive practices as part of your everyday school life?

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