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Rangiora High School – Authentic and collaborative learning

A new learning space at Rangiora High School has supported staff and students to teach and learn in different ways. These three videos describe Rangiora High School's journey in creating a connected curriculum that enables collaboration, greater learner agency, and authentic learning opportunities. 

Designing an environment to support teaching and learning

"It offers an opportunity for diversity in what students are learning and how they're learning."

Creating authentic learning experiences

"What we did at the start was to get the students to really think about things they were interested in, things they were passionate about, skills that they have. Then we looked at how they could turn one or more of those elements into an area of investigation."

A collaborative approach to teaching and learning

"Students develop the learning plan. They develop the focus. My role is to oversee it and make sure that what they're doing is robust." 


How does our school offer authentic learning opportunities to students?

How actively involved are our students in the learning process and in decision making about their learning? 

How could we build a collaborative approach to teaching and learning at our school?  

Are our spaces flexible enough to allow students choice about how and where they work? 

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