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Riccarton High School – Embedding Tātaiako in the appraisal process

The appraisal process at Riccarton High School is focussed on professional growth and development, and the school strives to place the learner at the centre of appraisal. The five cultural competencies outlined in Tātaiako – Cultural Competencies for Māori Learners, have become part of the appraisal framework.

This initially involved staff developing a shared understanding of how the competencies could be incorporated into teaching practice. As well as unpacking the competencies in a Riccarton-specific context, the competencies were also explicitly aligned with the Practising Teacher Criteria. This ensured that the competencies are viewed as an integrated part of everyday practice, rather than an ‘add-on’ or an additional initiative.

Examining the how

Developing a shared understanding

The role of context

Celebrating good practice

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