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Riccarton High School – MAD for student led learning


In 2018 senior students from Riccarton High School developed a student-led media class called the Media and Advertising Division (MAD) with the help of their media studies teacher. 

MAD is a three hour per week, non-credited class for Year 10, 12 and 13 students. The class started out with a focus on film and photography projects before branching out to include the development of digital design content.

In this video, made by the students themselves, find out how MAD supports ākonga to lead their own learning through authentic, meaningful learning experiences.

“I’m really proud of where MAD has got to. Because of the way we work it really has become the epitome of a collaborative working environment where there are no single experts. Everyone works together and everyone has value to bring to the team.” 

Paddy Scott - MAD teacher


To what extent do the perspectives of your ākonga inform the design of your local curriculum and school planning and policy?

To what extent does your school ensure that teaching and learning is authentic and meaningful for your ākonga?

What are the important skills in my subject area and how can they be taught in a student driven context?

How can I put my students in mentoring/expert positions? 

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