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School tours – Three rebuilds that enable collaboration and learner agency


Marshland School, Waitākiri School, and West Rolleston School have been completely rebuilt following the Canterbury earthquakes. Each school has a clearly articulated vision for learning which guided the design process. All three schools now boast teaching and learning spaces that enable collaboration and offer choices for students around where and how they learn.

In these videos each school opens their doors to share how their teaching and learning spaces enable future-focused education for all learners and their communities.

Guided tour – Marshland School

“So the teaching and learning compared to the old Marshland School has changed quite considerably in that we’re seeing a lot more collaboration with the students. They’re being able to make a lot more choices about their own learning, where they learn and how they learn.”

Guided tour – Waitākiri School

“What we were really interested in was giving children opportunity to make choices about where they learn, who they learn with, at times what they learn, how they learn. Also strongly sitting with our real choices is the notion of collaboration, we want our children to learn in a collaborative way but also our teachers to work in a collaborative way.”

Guided tour – West Rolleston School

“The spaces are really collaborative and our teachers are constantly talking together on meeting the needs of our learners. They each have their own whānau group but it’s quite fluid who they might be working with during the day.”


How does our school support teachers and students to work in collaborative ways?

What benefits does collaborative teaching and learning practice provide for our learners? For teachers?

Do our learning spaces work for everyone?

Are our spaces flexible enough to allow students choice about how and where they work?

Is culture reflected in our spaces?

Have learners been involved in the design of our spaces?


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