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Bringing De-streaming to Life in a Primary School Maths Class FULL!

We're sorry, but you missed out on this event! Places are already full and we've closed registrations. Please contact us at if you have any pātai (questions).


Calling all primary school kaiako to bring ability grouping to an end. 

The evidence is clear that in Aotearoa we need to stop streaming our tamariki. Our current Prime Minister stated in Stuff at the end of 2022 that all streaming in schools will be stopped by 2030. 

We know we need to have flexible and mixed-ability groupings;

  • How and what does this look like? 
  • Are you on this journey? 
  • Do you want to connect with others?

This FREE workshop has kaiako sharing their mathematical practice using flexible and mixed-ability groupings.

Come along and explore together, and hear and see good practice in action. We have examples of what this looks like in a Year 0-2 class, Year 3-6 and Year 7&8.

Come along seek support, and meet with others who share your passion for ensuring our maths programmes are equitable, inclusive and engaging. Let’s do this for our tamariki.

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

23 May 2023

CORE Education 144 Kilmore Street. Rourou seminar room, ground floor.